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Made in the USA

Colonial Series

Great Features - Better Value

Our Colonial line offers 50% more fire protection than competitor safes at the same price, and are packed with additional features, including:

  • 75 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 10 - ¼” thick locking bars

The Colonial models also include these features and accessories:

  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Economy-style interior door panel

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,399
Payments starting as low as $31.82 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.


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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 48 customers ratings and reviews

My 2nd Liberty safe!
written by Dj88 on July 25, 2020
I bought one 9 years ago that held 24 guns. I purchased One today that I ordered 6 weeks ago that holds 30. I bought the Colonial 30 today. It's a beautiful safe, I bought the 5 wand LED lighting strip with it also which is a must have! The only thing I didn't like is after removing the lag bolts off of the bottom of the safe where the fire board is cut out, there is nothing to put over the holes.

Love it!!
written by Satisfied in St. Louis on July 7, 2020
I went to a Liberty Safe Outlet in St. Charles and was impressed with the Colonial series safes. The color combo of the safe (bronze and tan interior) was perfect and the interior configuration was the best out there!

Nice safe
written by C320 on June 11, 2020
Good safe for the money! Does what i need it to.

Beautifully Awesome
written by B. Morton on May 9, 2020
Dream come true! Four years in planning, changing models, sizes and colors. Finally pulled the trigger after final decision and a little saving. Decided on the Colonial 50 in gloss white. When the safe movers unboxed it, the stunning appearance almost caused a rear end accident because a driver slammed on his breaks to admire it. For the longest time, the location is choose to place it was in my workshop in my basement. Upon see it when it arrived at my house, i immediately decided there is no way I was going to place it in there hidden from view and to get covered in wood dust. I then moved some furniture for its new placement. I could not be happier. The quality Liberty builds into there safes is incredible. Not a single flaw.The gloss finish is beautiful. The interior is amazingly adjustable. I have the bright view lights which is a must. They completely light the entire interior. No effort needed, open the door and they turn on via motion sensor. The door opens and closes tight with little effort. I can not express my piece of mind now. My firearms and valuables will never be in jeopardy. Liberty's warranty is amazing. Big selling point, along with the pure quality that is built in to there product. Could not be happier .Also a word of advice, buy the jewelry drawer. It gives the misses a personal stake in the purchase. And buy bigger than you currently need. Leave plenty of room for future purchases. Liberty, you guys make one hell of an awesome safe. Thank you for the piece of mind.

America 1st
written by America 1st on February 24, 2020
Looks great very nice safe

Great Safe
written by Jim Colestock on December 5, 2019
I purchased a Gun Safe when my son was born 24 years ago. This safe is head and shoulders higher quality than my original Cannon safe. Great job guys.

Right Mix of Size and Security
written by Missouri Anonymous on December 15, 2018
I just bought my first gun safe, a Colonial 23 with an S&G dial lock. It was delivered and installed by the dealer within two and a half weeks of ordering it from the dealer. The combination of size, fire protection, and security features were my biggest selling points. The dealer's installation crew used a specialized trailer to deliver the safe to my house. They used an extra-heavy duty, electric powered dolly, to get the safe around the house and into our walk-out basement. My unit deployed to the Joplin Tornado where I saw many houses completely destroyed and wiped clean down to the floor slab. I was very happy with the way the dealer's installation crew used a hammer drill to anchor the safe to the concrete floor in my basement. No tornado is going to blow my safe away! They cleaned up after themselves and were very professional. I am very satisfied with the finish and quality of the safe.

written by mark on August 23, 2018

Good product
written by St. Charles on August 11, 2018
Only had the safe for a few days but I am impressed with the quality of construction.

Change in liberty safes. From bolts to bars on doors.
written by BW on June 28, 2018
Ordered my first liberty safe. Purchased it manly to store guys that I am slowly accumulating. After several trips to store I decided to purchase the Colonial 30. Wanted a larger safe but that's the biggest I could fit. After approximately 2 months safe arrived at store for pick up. When I went to inspect safe I noticed that safe had bars in door instead of bolts. I talked to person at store and they said that all liberty safes are switching to this style. They stated heard that was going to happen but didn't know when. I was surprised because the catalog is used to get specs was dated in January 2018 and the demo in store both had bolts instead of bars in doors. I also called liberty and they stated that testing showed bars tested better on pry test than bolts. I cant say if this is true or not. Just letting people know when you buy a new liberty safe it will have bars in doors not bolts. Just had safe delivered today. Also found on shelf bracket missing. Everything else seems fine.

Liberty Safe Provides Liberty to Access Gun Collection
written by Mike Flynn, St. Louis, MO on January 28, 2018
After taking delivery of my Liberty Safe Colonial model and immediate went about liberating my gun from their crammed in location in my old Treadlock Gun Safe. The guns no longer had to be stored in cases to protect them from scratching. And no longer do I have to get down on hands and knees to insert key into the lock to drop the bolt to open the door. I opted for the direct drive electric key pad lock for my Colonial model. Now I can quickly and easily access my guns when needed. This is a real bonus for keeping the guns clean and oiled. I know I will enjoy using this safe for many years and that it will someday be passed on to my son.

Excellent Quality
written by Capt. Martin on September 13, 2017
I was amazed that my safe arrived with no scratches or scuffs - zip, zero, nada. The build quality appears to be superior to anything I could have expected. If I didn't have my safe in a vault, I would be proud to display it in my living room. It looks that good. The interior is just as finely finished as the exterior, and the flexibility of shelves is an added benefit. One of my favorite things about my Liberty safe is that it was made in the USA!!!

New Owner
written by RLR on August 21, 2017
At this time it meet my needs.

Great Customer Service
written by C. Schneider on July 5, 2017
I have only had my Colonial 23 for a short time and I rarely if ever write a review, however my father purchase two larger liberty safes around 9 years ago. These two would be comparable to the Fat boy model, as I am not sure if they were called that back then. My family has had a great experience with Liberty from the beginning. At one point we lost the combination to our safe and contacted liberty's customer service. They do a great job in helping you and actually responding to you and solving the issue. I read many reviews of many safes and shopped around for over a year before coming back to liberty to purchase yet another safe and I am happy I did. Many of the safes I researched were poorly designed, and after reading reviews on customer service realized most companies did not take the time to help their customers after the purchase. Liberty is a great company that backs their AMERICAN MADE product. I would recommend Liberty to anyone who wants to spend money on a quality product.

Illinois Enthusiast
written by BigNasty on June 24, 2017
After shopping and researching for approx. a year I recently purchased a Colonial 50. I couldn't be happier! I'm in the process of finishing my basement and wasn't sure if my wife would be okay with the idea of a safe in HER living room for the time being. I purchased the Black Marble with Chrome accessories and it looks great. Not to mention the functionality. Suits all my needs AND makes the wife happy!

written by Darrell Vance on May 17, 2017
Love every thing about this safe. Made in the USA, layout, size, great price, longer fire rating than competitors, and thicker steel on door and sides. There is nothing that i wanted that i did not get with my Liberty safe. I would recommend this safe to anyone.

Great Safe
written by Lopsided larry on March 28, 2017
Excellent safe can't go wrong quality components and plenty of options to fit your needs and budget.

written by Greg T. on January 24, 2017
BUILT IN USA! Outstanding product. Perfect in every way. No need to look elsewhere. Incredible value.

Quality safe
written by Bucks 170 on November 3, 2016
Good quality at an affordable price

An educated consumer finds the best value
written by EX-9506 on March 2, 2016
After my gun collection exceeded my limited capacity for safe storage, I decided to cash in some loose change, utilize some gift certificates and make a new purchase.

Looking originally at ONLY price points and not quality issues while shopping the "big box" stores, I didn't realize the differences in gun safes such that without that knowledge, I was fooling myself. I happened to see the demonstration video on the security issues with Liberty safes and began to realize there was MORE to these large, heavy safes than met the (uneducated) eye. After further study, I decided Liberty would be the one to own.

With a retired, budget-conscious eye, I found Liberty to be an excellent combination of quality and price point. We are lucky enough to have a Liberty outlet store near us. I stopped in, talked with the sales associate and made the purchase. Excellent service was received by the salesperson, the "back room guys" who brought out the safe to check out, and most of all the delivery guys. NO WAY could a couple of buddies with a two wheeler make a delivery like that!

My safe
written by Angel on December 2, 2015
Great product highly recommend

USA Safe - Need to keep American jobs
written by Joanie on September 23, 2015
USA made - decent price - good quality so far - hopefully never find out if the 60m fire protection works.
Choose the dial lock vs digital.
We picked it up from retailer ourselves and boyfriend and neighbor (a 66 year old Vet and a 56 year old amputee) moved it up short flight of stairs and into house - .
Hindsight - was a job for 3 -4 guys minimum.
4 stars because it's so new but so far things going well.

Great Safe!!
written by Fire Captain on June 8, 2015
Excellent quality safe. Looked for a safe for more than four years, and found this one at an excellent price. it had been scratched during a delivery and I found it at a reduced price from the delivery man that scratched it. The easy combination dial and access hole for power outlet is very nice. Look forward to getting some more of the Liberty accessories to finish up the inside. Also seeing another Liberty Safe hold up in a house fire was a major selling point as well.

Feel like I'm Settling for Next Best
written by Barbara Becker on April 20, 2015
Overall I'm satisfied with my new Colonial 23; the exception being with the action of the manual dial combination and bolts. When turning the dial you can feel when your combination number is coming up. It tightens up and drags just a little. That's handy to give you a hint you are getting close but also lets that burglar know he's not far off. The locking bolts don't feel as tight as I had expected, either. I do not mean to run my new safe in the ground. It's very nice but my late husband had a safe (different brand) which was bigger than I need now so I sold it. It was as smooth as silk in every way. I should have gone to a dealer and tried safes in person. I would likely have purchased a higher end model if the dial and locking bolts were smoother. I relied heavily on the reviews and description of the safe online. I am contacting Liberty to see if I can purchase a better combination lock. If I didn't have a "Cadillac" safe previously I might not have ever noticed the feel of this lock. Persnickety? Perhaps.
UPDATED REVIEW: April 23, 2015
Update from Settling for Next Best
I called Liberty about the dial on my new safe. They were very friendly and sent a locksmith out to adjust the lock. It is much better than it was and I am pleased. I should have called them before my initial review.
With that said, everything works fine and I give this product five stars. For the money, this safe a good value and the customer service is outstanding.

Good safe, but heavy
written by Justin Morrison on April 19, 2015
If you plan on moving safe yourself like I did, don't try to lay your dolly down across a few steps and push it in using caster wheels on top of the dolly mine bent before broke off

Colonial 30
written by REDFARMER on February 21, 2015
4 stars

Colonial 30
written by REDFARMER on February 21, 2015
4 stars

Liberty Colonial 50
written by Safe purchaser on February 3, 2015
This is the best valued safe on the market. I search other brands and discovered Liberty at the dealer's store. Liberty offered me the protection and space that best suited my needs at the best value. The sales staff was very informative and the sale was a non-pressure sale. In fact, over the course of time, the safe actually sold itself. If you want a safe that will protect your items from most issues the average person faces, this is the perfect product. It has quite a bit of room to grow into.

Safe that I am proud to own.
written by Perk Williams on January 2, 2015
After waiting a couple months for manufacture and delivery, my face broke into a smile the first time I saw the safe at the retailers. The burgandy marble paint job was beautiful. Each time I go into my basement, where the safe now sets, it gives me another proud moment. Makes me happy when I get to tell everyone the safe was Made In The USA.

Awesome safe for and awesome Price
written by Eric Radmer on September 19, 2014
Not only was the safe I purchased exactly what I had been looking for it was an excellent value for the size.

Colonial Safe
written by Tom T on July 12, 2014
I'm very pleased with the safe we picked out. I think it will far exceed its purpose. It's roomy for all my guns and we have several other valuable items in it also. Most definitely recommend to anyone.

Door not flush
written by Dan on April 28, 2014
Cosmetic issues on all Colonial Model I reviewed include the doors not siting flush with the face of the unit. Perhaps a tooling change is in order when setting the hinges. Functionally the unit is sound.
Liberty's Response:
There is an small Allen Wrench in the start package you recieved with your safe. This can be used to adjust the door. Instructions are in the users manual. This should get you where you need to be. If not, please contact us and we will find a solution. 

Security in our house
written by Happy Safe Owner on March 31, 2014
We are very pleased with the Colonial safe. We had the number pad installed, which makes it easier for us to change the code if it ever needs to be given to someone to access the safe. Very pleased with the quality and fire rating, and the flex interior is great. With five kids, our future gun needs aren't exact yet, but this safe will fit everything we could ever need for hunting.

written by Michael on March 31, 2014

Colonial 50
written by Big Dan on March 17, 2014
Moved this safe myself (It is very heavy-I had lots of help). Very happy with the quality. Love the warranty and the size. Inside organization is well done -many ways to organize. Great safe! I would highly recommend Liberty safes to my friends

No Regretes
written by Tony on March 2, 2014
I was told by many people, they wish they would have bought a bigger safe. So I bought the 60 gun and I like the size because there is plenty of room. The safe is heavy enough that once in position its not moving, even if its not bolted down.

Safe and Happy
written by GNSDAVE on February 25, 2014
I love my new safe. Space for all of my firearms and other valuables with room to add more. Great product, great delivery service.

written by Woodchuker on February 13, 2014
Took me a long time to finally purchase my safe so after a year of researching safes I went with Liberty. Very pleased with the quality, size and features of my new safe.

Colonial 50
written by Happydaze on February 2, 2014

warranty replacement safe
written by kane on October 12, 2013
Very good product, highly recommended.

A great Safe
written by Brandon H. on September 27, 2013
A Great Safe

Colonial 23
written by Rod on August 27, 2013

Greatest safes ever!!!!!!
written by Cheddar Cheese on April 16, 2013
Great functionality and versatility.

Born in America
written by Davey Crocket on March 4, 2013
I am glad I can support an American Industry.

Great Safe
written by mitch on February 11, 2013
Great safe, has tons of room. Just be sure and have friends to help you move it. It looks great in our new home.

Good safe with plenty of room to grow
written by John on December 19, 2012
This safe was an upgrade from a previous Winchester safe. Quality of protection can be detected in weight and craftsmanship. This only helps me sleep better at night knowing my personal items are protected. If the bottoms of some shelves were carpeted and the numbers on my shelf holders coincided so I didn't have to physically measure, this would be rated 5 stars without any hesitation.

Great Safe but....
written by JD K on July 31, 2012
Excellent safe but the shelf edges were not fit and finished. Just me being picky. Great safe otherwise!

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.